Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Library Life: Displays

Display cases in libraries can serve many purposes. Sometimes they're used to advertise goings on at the library, sometimes they celebrate holidays or themes, sometimes they showcase unique collections. With such a small staff, we can't update our displays often as we'd like, but we do our best to make new and interesting displays as frequently as possible. This past month, a coworker and I were inspired to make a display celebrating Banned Books Week. Although the display case we have is quite small, creativity and energy help to make eye-catching displays! We decided to go with a literal book burning theme, so flames abounded in our decorations. 

I worked on a sign inspired by this ALA Banned Books Week poster. It ended up being pretty crooked, so I added flames to distract from the crookedness:

The complete display:

And details:

Our final addition was some encouragement to check out banned books! We put up placards telling patrons that if they check out a banned book they'll be entered in a raffle to win a free DVD rental card. Anything to get people reading!

The best part of this display is that it was almost completely free! We barely have a budget for books, let alone extra supplies for displays. The only thing I paid for was a package of tissue paper in fiery colors (orange, yellow, red). We already had all the other materials and supplies at the library. I'm so happy with how the whole display came together. This is probably my favorite that I've made so far and it's definitely inspired me to get creative with displays in the future. 

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